Day 137: She’s Throwing All She’s Got At Me

Started: Lake Sally Ann (2493.6)

Ended: Tentsite (2514.6)

Total Miles: 21.0 Remaining: 138.2

Achievements: 2,500 Miles, Cross a Raging River On a Broken Bridge

As I wrote yesterday, I didn’t like where my tent was setup. I was concerned about rain. It turns out that it didn’t rain at all.

I decided to wear some warmer clothes. Normally, I keep my base layer packed in the dry section of my backpack. My legs are the engine that keeps me warm. However, with the combination of cold and wet, I’m constantly hungry. I no longer have that layer of whale blubber to keep me warm. The calories I’m using to say warm is costing me miles. So, I wore my base layer shirt, a wool hat and gloves.

As soon as I left camp, I could see that the low clouds had moved on and I could see what Washington was hiding.

I made good time in the morning. The sun was shining. I took that as an opportunity to take off my outer shell. As soon as I did, it started to rain.

I crossed the 2,500 mile mark.

After I finished a big climb, I sat down to eat lunch. It was then that it really started to rain. The rain was followed by sleet, snow and hail.

All this rain had turned the trail into a muddy swamp. My feet were wet all day.

I crossed the famous broken bridge.

As the day progressed, the soft part of my feet started to hurt like it had rug burn. Although it was only 5:30, I decided to call it a day. My feet have gotten me this far. If they say stop, I stop.

There is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to that.

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