Day 140: First Steps On Victory Road

Started: Holden Village (~2562.8)

Ended: North Fork Bridge Creek (2579.7)

Total Miles: 16.9 Remaining: 72.9

Achievements: The Stehekin Bakery

Last night I was sitting with Packman. We have leapfrogged many times before, but this was the first time we really talked. We were doing laundry late. Turns out he is from Wisconsin and is a Navy veteran like me. An instant friendship was made.

All my gear is clean and dry. I had breakfast with with a group of thru-hikers in the cafeteria. It is hard to believe that this is coming to an end.

Holden Village had a school bus ready to take us to the dock. The ferry was on time. Unfortunately, I had one hour to get everything ready. It was still enough time to get to the famous Stehekin Bakery and get my cinnamon roll.

Here it is in all its glory. My very last resupply box.

The bus ride to the trail head was strange. This is it. My last section. I have a 17 mile climb, but it is gradual. I should reach Canada on the 21st.

The weather was sunny and warm. It was an easy eight miles. After all the terrible weather, today was a blessing.

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