Day 141: It’s All Coming Together

Started: North Fork Bridge Creek (2579.7)

Ended: Tentsite (2000.8)

Total Miles: 21.1 Remaining: 51.6

Achievements: 2,600 Miles, Momma And Two Cubs

I had a good, dry sleep. It has been a while since I wasn’t rained on. The hike was warm when the sun was on me and cold when it was not. I struggled a bit to figure out what combination of clothes was just right. Either I was sweating when the sun was out or shivering when it was not.

The first important piece of news is that I have a new hiking partner with just two full days left. I’ve leapfrogged Packman since White Pass. We’ve talked a bit, mostly hiking stuff.

We were both up late doing laundry at Holden Village. He noticed that I was wearing a Brewers cap with the old logo. Because of all the dirt, fading, and sweat stains, he didn’t realize what it was. He told me he is from Oshkosh.

We talked about life before the trail. He said he just retired from the Navy. I was in the Navy.

I said that I was concerned about getting to Vancouver once this hike is done. He told me his girlfriend is meeting him at Manning Park, she has a rental, and there is a seat in the back if I want it.

The only issue is that his hike has to end the morning of the 22nd. I’m going to have to hike some shorter days. Not a problem.

Joining us is Honeybunny and Stakes. I have a whole new trail family. Weird, huh? A new trail family with just 51.6 miles to go.

Coming from Stehekin, this first part of the hike was a 20 mile climb. I still had 16 miles of that to finish. I ran into some trail magic. The Mad Baker had biscuits and gravy and a generator to make fresh hot coffee.

At the top, the view was amazing.

I continued on. Packman and I reached the 2,600 mile marker together.

The four of us camped together. Get this, we have a 15 mile day planned together. It does have a significant climb. We’re doing this to position ourselves for the fire detour. There is camping in the first part of the detour, so there is no sense going too far.

The second day of the detour, we will hike to four miles short of the Northern Terminus. The last day will be just a four mile hike. We will sleep in. We’ll take our time taking pictures and reading and writing in the log book. I’ve finished what I’m going to write.

So, my hiking is ending on a high note.

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