Day 142: Almost Needed A Good Excuse

Started: Tentsite (2600.8)

Ended: Tentsite (2616.3)

Total Miles: 15.5 Remaining: 36.3

We continue to follow Packman’s schedule. His ride doesn’t arrive until the 22nd, so there is no sense in rushing.

After a quick eight mile jaunt, we stopped to dry our gear. The sun was out and I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. We are in no rush.

We then had a rather steep six mile climb. We believe that is the second last long steep climb. Rumors on the fire alternate is that it is mostly flat or downhill except for a climb back up to the PCT.

I was rather grumpy about the climb. There was a good reason. I seemed to have lost my wedding ring. We looked at photos to see when I last had it.

I weigh less than when I got married, so my wedding ring no longer fits.

So, I hike up this big climb mostly thinking how I’m going to explain this. Needless to say I was in a bad mood.

The good news is that I found it. It came off in the morning when I put the battery and cable I use to charge the phone in it’s stuff sack. So, it fell off, but I was carrying it the whole time.

With a short day, we talked trail stories. The people we met. The animals we encountered. The places we saw.

It is cold, so we retired to our tents to watch the movies or read the books that we brought on our phones, but never had time to enjoy.

Tomorrow will be a longer day as we’ll hike most of the alternate. Camping and water are unknown, so we want to find a good spot to camp after 19 miles or so.

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