Day 143: I Think The Trail Is Trying To Tell Me Something

Started: Tentsite (2616.3)

Ended: Tentsite (Unknown)

Total Miles: 20.5 Remaining: ~21.0

Just so we’re on the same page, I woke up to this.

It started at four in the morning. It wasn’t the sound of rain hitting my tent. It snowed the entire morning.

We reached Hart’s Pass, the last road before Canada. We talked with the ranger there. The weather is going to be like this the rest of the week.

The PCT is closed at Hart’s Pass due to a fire. We have to take an alternate set of trails. The good news is that the trail is well marked and well maintained. It will add four miles to my hike.

About half way through the day, the clouds broke and the sun came out. Honeybuns, Stakes, Packman and I took an extended lunch and dried out our gear.

The rest of the day was mostly even graded hiking. We did most of the hike of the alternate. We will have our last climb tomorrow. The alternate rises up to meet the PCT. Once there, it is all downhill the rest of the way to Canada.

We’re going to stop about four miles from the Terminus for the night. It will be about a 15 mile day. That will leave us with a four mile hike in the morning with plenty of time for pictures and to read the log book. I have written what I will write there.

It is hard to believe that this is almost done. I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I deeply miss home. On the other hand, there is the beauty of nature and being at one with that.

However, the weather this morning tells me that the trail is telling me it is time to go home.

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