Day 144: Three Point Six Miles From Canada!

Started: Tentsite (Unknown)

Ended: Boundary Trail Tentsite (2648.9)

Total Miles: ~14.0 Miles Remaining: 3.6

Achievements: It’s All Down Hill From Here. Seriously. I Really Mean It This Time.

I’m just 3.6 miles from Canada, but I will go no further today. We’re on Packman’s schedule, and he wants to be there at 10:30 tomorrow, when he will meet his girlfriend. It is cold and rainy, so I’m extra good with that.

We got up late this morning as we had only 14 or so miles to go. The last part of the alternate was all uphill and muddy. I was pretty motivated to get it done, so I pounded the miles. When we reached the PCT, the views were back.

The remaining seven or so miles included my very last climb. It was a small one. Eight hundred feet over a mile and a half. I took it slowly and somberly.

We managed to set up camp before the rain started. We are all complaining that our last dinner on trail is alone in our tents.

Tomorrow I make the Northern Terminus. My hike will be successfully completed. A new adventure begins. How do I get home?

I’m ready to be home.

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