Day 145: Victorious

Started: Boundary Trail Tentsite (2648.9)

QEnded: Northern Terminus (2652.6)

Total Miles: 3.6 Remaining: 0.0

Achievements: ***Northern Terminus***

It rained all night. My tent was soaked. My sleeping quilt was soaked. It didn’t matter. I can dry my gear in my hotel room in Vancouver.

It rained the whole way down, too.

Doesn’t matter. At this point I would crawl the whole way.

We reached the Terminus just before ten. We toasted our victory.

We took our victory photos.

Your reward for completing the PCT is an eight mile hike to Manning Park. We reached the car and drove to Vancouver.

We stopped at a brewpub for lunch and a toast. We dropped Honeybunny and Stakes at the hostel. Packman and his girlfriend, Erika, drove to their hotel. I got a room at the same place.

I pulled out my wet gear to dry, did the laundry, called home, and made flight arrangements for the next day.

The night was completed with root beer floats from A&W.

It will be good to get back home.

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