When I was younger as a small town kid in Wisconsin, I spent most of my time outside.  I was a Boy Scout.  After high school, I recognized that I wasn’t quite ready to go to college, so I joined the Navy and was a sonar operator on the P-3 Orion.  As part of my aircrew training, I went to survival school. I was in 20 countries before I was 21.

After all that adventure, I settled down.  I went to college.  I worked hard on my career.  I got married.  We had kids.  So, as I approach the half-way point in my life, it is time to take a moment and bring forth that adventurous spirit.  The problem was that twenty-five years of sitting behind a desk, I was in no shape to do something like this.  Here is what I’ve done to get ready for this hike.